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When it comes to the biggest decisions in life, one question stands out from the rest: how much will it cost? Dental implants definitely qualify as a big decision, as they involve a complex surgical procedure, stay with you for the rest of your life and require a significant initial investment. But determining how much dental implants cost is equally as complex, as it depends on a variety of factors.

Factors That Determine Dental Implant Cost

When you buy a house or car, its cost is dependent on its condition. Your mouth is no different, as your oral health directly relates to the complexity of the dental implant procedure. There are also a variety of other factors that determine the cost of dental implants. Here are some of them:

  • Bone quality: Depending on the location or health of your jawbone, bone grafting may be required, which affects the cost.
  • Number of teeth replaced: The cost of the procedure will increase as the number of replaced teeth increases.
  • Type of implant: Implants are composed of artificial roots, abutments and crowns. Each of these can vary in quality and size, which also affects cost.
  • Particular dentists or surgeons: The experience, specialty and availability of your dentist or surgeon can affect cost as well, depending on your location.

These factors can add up to a large initial investment. But the good news is that it’s worth it and there are a variety of ways to make dental implants affordable.

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Dental Implants Affordability

It’s no secret that dental implants can cost thousands of dollars, but many people may not know how they can afford them.

While most insurance companies do not completely cover dental implants, there are exceptions and many companies will cover at least a portion of the cost. That’s why it’s important to ask your company about your dental implant coverage.

Payment plans are also a great way to afford dental implants. Your implants will be paid off in a short amount of time, but you’ll be able to enjoy their benefits for the rest of your life.

Flexible Financing for Dental Implants

CareCredit - Apply Now for dental financingYou can also apply online via Care Credit for financing for any of your dental needs. CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately – then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget.

Our staff can work with you to find a dental implant plan to fit your budget.

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